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How would you like to live?

At tini we build lifestyles, ways of feeling and enjoying unique spaces. Spaces with life for a better life.



Modular houses 100% industrialized in Spain, that you can customize according to your needs. You can choose between different models, finishes and equipment. Contact us and we will help you choose the tini® that best suits your needs.



We have reduced manufacturing times to the maximum so that you can enjoy your tini®, completely finished and ready for use, in a closed period of 100 days (up to three modules). While your tini® is being manufactured, the necessary foundations and connections will be made in the ground. This way, when you receive your tini® you will be able to enjoy it in a few hours.



The 14 cm of insulation in roofs and facades make tinis® much better insulated than any other house. Insulations of different densities (XPS, multi-reflective insulation and recycled cotton) are combined to achieve better performance. In addition, interior wood finishes help improve thermal and acoustic performance.

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Overall process

We accompany you in the global process, processing of licenses, execution of foundations and connections, until the tini® is installed on the plot. A turnkey service that adapts to your needs. Contact our team.



We take care of the entire process. We look for land suitable for building according to the needs of each client, and we verify that the regulations of the municipality allow the construction of new construction of a tini®.
It has a cost of 1,000 € + VAT, and includes the search for three urban plots that fit with what you are looking for (within the offer at that time in the area that interests you), and confirmation that you can install a tini® according to the urban planning regulations of the municipality. Contact our team.



Younited offers financing of up to €50,000, mainly focused on renovations, extensions and small projects with a minimum APR of 3.99% up to 15.99%.

For larger projects we recommend applying for a self-builder mortgage. For this the minimum requirements are to have the land in property and the project of execution for the house.

Contact our commercial team as we work with several intermediaries such as Grocasa.

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